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Gatlinburg Restaurant Guide

Best Italian – Gatlinburg Restaurant Review

Sep 30, 2019 | Restaurants, Reviews

Best Italian restaurant has been a staple in the Gatlinburg dining scene for years, and it is no wonder. It has three big things going for it:

  • Fantastic location, situated right on the main strip at 710 Parkway (which is, of course, a very easy walk from the Historic Gatlinburg Inn).
  • Super friendly service.
  • Fantastic Italian food.

Best Italian InteriorWhen this reviewer was there, I went straight for an Italian classic – spaghetti and meatballs!

Before the main course, I was treated to a salad that was big and loaded with fresh ingredients – onion, cherry tomatoes, green and black olives, and mushrooms, all arranged beautifully in the dish. As far as the taste, it’s a salad, so it tasted like what a good salad should taste like when the ingredients are fresh.

Best Italian SpaghettiBefore I even get to the spaghetti, I have to talk about the garlic roles. These are the signature items of the restaurant, and for good reason. They are incredible! They are prepared baked to a gold brown and covered with olive oil, chopped garlic, parmesan and romano cheeses, herbs and spices. These may be the best roles you will ever have, and they are reason enough to give Best Italian a try.

The spaghetti was delicious, and served with two very large homemade meatballs. The marinara sauce was just right. I ended up using my last garlic role to sop up the remaining sauce. At the end, I was stuffed but happy.

Best Italian MenuBest Italian doesn’t just serve Italian, however. They have a selection of burgers, ranging from a more traditional steak burger to an Italian burger that is covered in pepperoni, marinara sauce, and melted mozzarella. There are numerous chicken and beef dishes, and of course pizza. It should not be difficult for everyone in your party to find something they will love. The restaurant also has a full bar.

Best Italian MenuThe service was very friendly, and I walked right in off the street with no wait. So if you find yourself getting hungry while walking around Garlinburg, Best Italian is a great choice. It is easy to get to and you will be impressed with the quality of the food…especially the garlic roles!