Christmas Shopping in Gatlinburg

Many of our guests choose the holidays to come to the Smokies not just to relax and get their fill of Christmas Smoky Mountain spirit, but also to find unique, worthwhile gift opportunities for the family they might not get to see this year. Gatlinburg is a treasure trove of off-the-beaten-path shopping opportunities – we don’t have as much in the way of mainstream, nation-wide chain stores within our city limits, most of what we have are locally owned or at the very least not easily accessible to a majority of our visitors.

What are some spots we recommend to consider for their holiday shopping? We’ll help you answer that here!

The Village 

Downtown Gatlinburg

The Village is one of the most accessible and famous shopping areas in Gatlinburg. It gets its name from the quaint English village look of the area and offers a wide range of shops that don’t easily conglomerate to a simple recommendation. You can find home decor, jewelry, Celtic items, imported and gourmet food items, candles and more. Perhaps the best way to pare it down is to say if you’re looking for “quaint” items, the Village across from the Guinness World of Records Museum is the place to visit.


  • The Day Hiker
  • The Honey Pot
  • Life is Good
  • The Silver Tree
  • Zi Olive
  • Tervis at The Village
  • Lamplight Gallery
  • Candle Cottage
  • Pepper Palace
  • Cartoon and Toys
  • Coffee and Company
  • The Cheese Cupboard
  • The Donut Friar
  • Best Gift Idea Ever
  • The Village Cafe and Creamery
  • The Hayloft Comfort Footwear
  • The Hayloft
  • U Name It
  • The Lazy One
  • The Sock Shop
  • The Spice Tea Exchange
  • Master’s Editions Village Gallery
  • Verbena’s
  • Celtic Heritage
  • God’s Corner

The Mountain Mall

Downtown Gatlinburg

Not far from The Village (or Gatlinburg Inn for that matter) is another famous Gatlinburg icon for shopping. The Mountain Mall is likely unlike any mall you might be familiar with and has a unique look and atmosphere all it’s own. Like The Village, The Mountain Mall is kinda hard to pin down to a specific interest, though what is offered at Mountain Mall are more for mainstream interests and crowds. You can find rare music at the music store, tobacco at the Tobacconist shop, pet goods, sauces and a whole lot more.


  • The Rhythm Section
  • Aunt Mahalia’s Candies
  • Ramsey Whittaker Caricatures
  • Incredible Photos
  • Native Fashions
  • PHD Embroidery
  • Oakley Sunglass Shop
  • New York Pizza and Pasta
  • Body Works
  • Lavi’s Jewelry
  • Paws and Claws Pet Fashion
  • Treadway’s Old Time Portraits
  • Relaxation Oasis
  • Cowboy Way
  • Gatlinburlier Tobacconist
  • X Cell
  • Martial Arts and Knife Superstore
  • MCG Clothing
  • Cosmic Comet Arcade
  • Gifts For Memories
  • Pepper Palace
  • Peddler’s World
  • Sports Heaven
  • Cruisin’ The Past
  • Wonder Full
  • Smoky Mountain Dulcimers
  • Babyville
  • Phoenix Candles
  • Vape Station
  • No Place Like Home
  • Candlelight Memories
  • Doc’s Magic Castle

North Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg Entrance From Pigeon Forge

Almost immediately as you get into Gatlinburg are some shopping opportunities that don’t get as much coverage as others here in town. This area has a focus on “fancy” items with quite a bit of class. Morton’s alone is worth stopping in North Gatlinburg just to see all the wonderful, ancient-world antiques. The Gazebo is also a wonderful boutique to find items for your sister, girlfriend or female friend. Parking and walking are a little trickier here, but it is worth the effort to visit.

  • American Sideshow Antiques
  • Morton’s Antiques and Coins
  • The Gazebo
  • Tobias Uniques
  • Doc Collier Moonshine
  • The Decorium
  • The Gamer’s Place
  • Beneath the Smoke
  • Covered Bridge at the Glades
  • The Glades in East Gatlinburg

The Covered Bridge is one of several shopping complexes in the Arts and Crafts Community, a section of Gatlinburg off of Highway 321 that “bridges” a back road between Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville together. This complex is also like a village, but more modern and American as opposed to quaint and English. Like many areas in the Arts and Crafts Community, this area focuses on pottery, home decor, natural products and special interests for regional items relating to Appalachia or the Native Americans.


  • Hills Creek Gallery
  • Misty Mountain Soap Company
  • More Than A Candle
  • Neil’s Gallery & Jewelry
  • The Jewelry Spot
  • Quiet Reflections Spa
  • Sparky’s Glass Blowing
  • Farmhouse Mercantile
  • Custom Creations by Beth
  • Miracles on Manes
  • Cupid’s Petals
  • Hot Nails 4 You
  • Smoky Mountain Saunas
  • Epic Expressions

Morning Mist Village 

The Glades in East Gatlinburg

The “main” shopping complex, if the Arts and Crafts Community has one, is the Morning Mist Village where groups can spend a quiet morning or afternoon browsing through nearly two dozen shops. A huge focus of this area is locally-made crafts and is particularly famous for the Alewine brand of pottery. The complex also features woodworkers, candles, painted art, jewelry, locally made dulcimers, Native American items, leatherwork and more.


  • Alewine Pottery
  • Beech Branch Crafts
  • Candles by Dick and Marie
  • Gatlin County Leather and Gallery
  • Glades Soda Fountain
  • Kountry Antics Primitives
  • Misty Mountain Soap Co.
  • Morning Mist Cafe and Desserts
  • Mountain Stitches by Susan
  • Smoky Mountain Dulcimers
  • Tim Weberding Woodworking


Well now, that should be more than enough shops to go through to find Christmas gifts for your loved ones. All of these areas are convenient to and from Gatlinburg Inn and you’ll be able to shop around and get back in no time at all!

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