Hillbilly Golf

Gatlinburg Attraction Review: Hillbilly Golf

Hillbilly Golf is one of the more unusual mini golf courses you will ever play. It is situated on a steep hill (of course – this is Gatlinburg after all). Being that it is called “hillbilly golf,” as you might expect, the theme is hillbilly. Each hole features hillbilly-themed decoration, such as moonshine barrels, outhouses and tractor implements. If you don’t find something to laugh at here, then you may not have a sense of humor.

You start at the top and play 18 holes as you make your way down the hill. To get to the top, you ride a sort-of open air freight car kind of thing 300 feet up a very steep incline. When you finish your round, you also ride it back down, as the course does not take you all the way back to the bottom.

There are two different courses you can play. One is very steep. The other is a little less steep, for those who may have difficulty with inclines. The courses are well-maintained and everything functioned as it should.

Hillbilly Golf is located at 340 Parkway. If you are coming into Gatlinburg from the Pigeon Forge direction, look for it on your left soon when you get into the Gatlinburg area.

Pricing is about the same as you will pay to play mini golf anywhere, but you can save some money by playing a second round at half price.

If you are a mini golf fan, then this is one you have to add to your list. It is an unusual mini golfing experience run by very nice people. Recommended.

Hillbilly Golf

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