Drafts Burger Bar

Gatlinburg Restaurant Review: Drafts Burger Bar

We recently had a chance to chow down on some burgers at Drafts Burger Bar, a new restaurant situated right on the river at 240 River Road in Gatlinburg. It is a great location that does have outdoor seating with a great view of the river and town. Inside, the place is nicely adorned with Southeastern Conference team flags.

Drafts Burget Bar

My associate and I both ordered the biggest burger they have (and probably about the biggest burger you’re gonna find in Gatlinburg) – the Triple Double Grilled Four Cheese Burger. Yes, you read that right. This behemoth consists of two grilled cheese sandwiches, three signature burger patties, four cheeses, lettuce, tomato and onions. Now that’s a burger!

The burger was so thick we could barely fit it into our mouths. It would be fairly easy to just divide it vertically in half and eat it as two separate burgers – but what would be the fun in that? If you’re gonna order a burger this thick, just suck it up and eat it like it comes.

It was delicious. Perfectly cooked, with fresh toppings. It’s so big I was not able to eat the entire thing in a single sitting. I took half of it home with me. It was served with fries that were also very good.

Drafts Burger Bar

Although hamburgers are definitely their specialty, Drafts Burger Bar has a good amount of variety on its menu, with various other sandwiches, wings and salads. There should be something there for even the most picky in your crew.

From the look of things, this place also makes some awesome milkshakes. After struggling through half of the giant burger, I had to pass on such a thing.

Reviewing restaurants is difficult during this COVID-19 era. This restaurant obviously takes safety very important. Temperature checks were required to enter, and everything was served with disposable accessories.

We definitely recommend you give Drafts Burger Bar a try. It is a street over from the main strip (Parkway), but a very easy walk from the Historic Gatlinburg Inn.

Drafts Burger Bar

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