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Gatlinburg Restaurant Review: Ruby Sunshine

Dec 4, 2020 | Food, Restaurants, Reviews

Ruby Sunshine is a recently-opened restaurant in Gatlinburg that specializes in New Orleans-inspired brunch and cocktails. It is located right across the street from the Historic Gatlinburg Inn in a little complex of shops and eateries. You will recognize it by the jazzy ruby slipper sign.

The place has a cool, laid back atmosphere. When the weather is accommodating, they open up a set of garage doors that line one wall, bringing the outdoors inside and giving you a great look at the Ripley’s Believe It of Not museum and downtown Gatlinburg.

Ruby Sunshine

The wait staff and management was very friendly and accommodating. I had a minor problem with my meal, and after pointing it out to the manager the problem was quickly remedied. Mistakes are going to happen, but as long as they are corrected in a friendly manner then that is no problem.

Ruby Sunshine

The menu features many interesting items, such as various styles of egg benedicts and omelets, breakfast tacos, French toast and sandwiches. I had the fried chicken sandwich and fries. It comes served on a Brioche bun dressed with cheddar, red onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayo. I also requested mine “sweet hot style,” tossed in “Mike’s Hot Honey Glaze.” I don’t know who Mike is, but he makes a mean sauce! The sandwich was fantastic! The chicken was perfectly cooked, had a nice crunch, and the toppings were fresh. The fries were also excellent – sliced thin and fried crunchy.

Ruby Sunshine

You can’t visit a New Orleans-style brunch joint and not try the Mimosa! We had the Big Easy Mimosa, which is a mix of sparkling wine, orange juice and pomegranate juice. It tasted like a Mimosa should, so if that is your thing then you will love it.

Ruby Sunshine

Ruby Sunshine is located at 105 Reagan Drive, although the entrance is actually located on Parkway. From the Inn, walk across the street and you’re there. It is a true brunch restaurant, so it closes early, at 2:00PM on weekdays and 3:00PM on weekends.

It is definitely worth a try the next time you’re in Gatlinburg!

Ruby Sunshine