The Gatlinburg Sky Lift Is Now Open

One attraction that got hit during the wildfires was our neighbor, the iconic and indispensable Gatlinburg Sky Lift. The Sky Lift is one of only two attractions in Gatlinburg that let you actually climb the mountain aerially to a mountaintop destination, and the only one of the two that really made you feel like you were flying up to it in the open air.

Many thousands of visitors either got to experience this themselves as they rode the chairs to the picturesque viewing area and guest area at the top and many more knew it from its memorable location and the often long lines of interested visitors wanting to try it out up until late November 2016 when the fires claimed it as one of its property casualties.

That was not the end of the Gatlinburg Sky Lift, however, and since the public re-opening of Gatlinburg up until now, the owners of the Sky Lift have worked tirelessly to restore the beloved attraction and now, we are happy to announce, the Gatlinburg Sky Lift is back open to the public, with increased seating. The Sky Lift now features 3 person seats to accommodate more families.

As they report on their website:

“Installation of an entirely new chairlift has just been completed and we are thrilled to again be welcoming riders at the Sky Lift and visitors to the great town of Gatlinburg!

Hop on and enjoy a smooth glide to the top of Crockett Mountain. While construction of the new Sky Deck is underway, it is unsafe to unload from the chairlift at the top.  Instead, relax as the chair makes a slow turn around the wheel and be ready for the incredible view and exhilarating ride back down.

Spectacular views of the lush forests and majestic mountains are enjoyed on the downhill ride since the area is surrounded on three sides by the natural beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Lighting is soon to be completed and the Sky Lift will then offer another and very different scenic experience. Downtown Gatlinburg’s dazzling lights illuminate the nestled community and seeing them from high up on the mountainside puts a peaceful and perfect wrap on a fun-filled day in the Smokies.”


We’re very glad to hear this and can’t wait to see the new developments taking place for our neighbor. Visit their website 

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