Smoky Mountain Tunes and Tales

The city of Gatlinburg has had many great assets that have lead to decades of its success, growth and evolution as a center of tourism and iconic destination for mountain living. 3 of those assets are the stories those decades have acquired and collected in our local memory, the music, dance and culture that has been our blood and backbone from generations past to today, and the simple parkway walking structure of downtown Gatlinburg that has allowed our guests to be able to access over 100 stores, nearly as many restaurants, over two dozen attractions, wonderful views of the surrounding nature and their many colors throughout fall, winter, spring and summer. Back in 2006, the city of Gatlinburg came upon a brilliant way that combines all three of those into a special event that is officially a tradition now: the summer Smoky Mountain Tunes and Tales!

Starting June 22nd and going on to August 11th, the 13th summer season of Smoky Mountain Tunes and Tales will begin and fill many of the night airs with stories, old school Appalachian Smoky Mountain music and dancing. This event will go on each night between June 22nd and August 11th from 6:00PM to 9:00PM, and it accentuates an already exciting night atmosphere in our city. Like guitars, dulcimers and psaltries? Come to Smoky Mountain Tunes and Tales. Like stories about way back performed by professional actors who are expert storytellers? Come to Smoky Mountain Tunes and Tales! Want to have a nice night on the town, walking to a restaurant and/or attraction and have the very spirit of the Smoky Mountains and come back to a luxury hotel at your convenience without ever having to start the car? Come to Smoky Mountain Tunes and Tales and stay with us at Gatlinburg Inn!

There isn’t an artist roster available yet, but those we’re expecting to see again this year can include:

  • Tim and Michael Simek – Hammered Dulcimer.
  • Grandview Pickers – Bluegrass Group.
  • Lost Mill String Band – Acoustic Old Timey Music Duo.
  • Boogertown Gap – Acoustic Music Duo.
  • Baskins Creek Boys – Bluegrass Group.



Get more information on Smoky Mountain Tunes and Tales and other summertime events – CLICK HERE.

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