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Burg Steakhouse – Gatlinburg Restaurant Review

Jun 16, 2021 | Food, Places to Eat In Gatlinburg, Restaurants, Reviews

Burg Steakhouse is a relatively new restaurant owned by the Stanga brothers, twin entrepreneurs who opened their first Gatlinburg business in 2007. Burg specializes in well-cooked, well-presented steaks, served alongside a fantastic salad, soup and sides bar. If you’re ready to eat good and big, this is the place!

Burg Steakhouse

It is located right on Parkway (just down a little ways and across the street from the Historic Gatlinburg Inn). The building is a little bit of an illusion – kind-of like that telephone booth Dr. Who used to fly around in – because it looks like it is going to be very small from its outside appearance, but once you go inside, you find that the restaurant stretches above the local shops on the ground floor below and is much bigger than it seems.

Salad bar

So let us start with the salad bar. Since the start of the Pandemic in 2020, this is the first self-serve salad bar I have seen. This reviewer loves a salad, and I love being able to make it myself, topping it high with all of my favorite salad ingredients. In addition to a long and well-stocked salad bar, there is a separate bar loaded with various soups and sides. You can order just the salad, soups and sides bar if that is what you are in the mood for.


Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave, you have probably noticed the rapidly rising food prices, especially meat. So if you want to eat a fine steak, you’re going to have to be willing to pay up. Most of the dinner entrees on the Burg Steakhouse menu are the same price – $39. But check this out – on their lunch menu, you can order a T-bone steak for $15! It was lunchtime when we were there, so T-bone it was!


The meal was served with delicious, warm bread and a house-made cinnamon butter mixture. It was fantastic!

Salad bar

I took advantage of the salad bar and loaded up! The salad toppings were fresh-cut and brightly colored. I didn’t see anything that I like on a salad that wasn’t there. Part of the fun of this trip was just being able to make a salad. It has been a while.

When the steak arrived, it was a big, good looking piece of meat. It was perfectly cooked, seasoned, and it tasted great. It was served with a baked potato. Potato toppings are self-serve from the salad bar, which I like. And again…on the lunch menu, it was only $15 (although I did pay another $6 to add the salad bar). These days a burger will cost you $15 at a lot of places, so this is one of the best values in all of Gatlinburg.


As is typical, I sat at the bar. The bartender/server at the bar was friendly and conversational. She explained how much she enjoyed working at Burg Steakhouse, which is always a good sign. Happy employees signify a well-run establishment. The place has a beautiful, well-stocked bar, so if you’re in the mood for a drink, they’ve got you covered.

Looking for a good steak right in downtown Gatlinburg? Burg Steakhouse is a great choice! Recommended.

It is located at:

738 Parkway
Gatlinburg, TN (an easy walk from the Historic Gatlinburg Inn)