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Gatlinburg Restaurant Guide

Gatlinburg Restaurant Review: the Greenbrier Restaurant

Jul 15, 2019 | Places to Eat In Gatlinburg, Restaurants, Reviews

Looking for something different for dinner on your stay in Gatlinburg? Then let me tell you about the Greenbrier Restaurant.

Outside GreenbrierThe name of the restaurant derives from the Greenbrier area of the Smoky Mountains. It sits on a ridge overlooking a steep slope of thick, green forest. You get a great look at that beautiful slope through the windows in the main dining area.

To get to the restaurant, you must drive up a fairly steep hill. You would find yourself wondering if you were in the wrong place if not for restaurant signage pointing you in the right direction. 

The atmosphere of this place is tremendous. The décor is straight log cabin. The wait staff is super professional. The view in the main dining room is wonderful.

So onto the main thing – the food!

It was beyond good. The meal started with a serving of spoon bread. It is warm cornbread served in a small black iron skillet, with a little splash of butter on top.

spoon bread

The next item in my meal was French onion soup. There was something unusual about the soup I couldn’t quite pinpoint – almost like a hint of apple. Whatever it was, it was fantastic. It comes with a big slab of cheese toast sitting atop the soup.

french onion soup

Next up – the main course. The menu has a variety of fine items such as New York strips and filets. I decided to go with the prime rib. It is described on the menu as “slightly smoked boneless beef rib, horseradish and pan jus.”

prime rib

I was surprised by the portion size. This was a big slab of meat! Here is how I ate it. First, I broke off some pieces of the spoon bread and let it soak up a little juice from the prime rib. Then I would cut off a thin slice of prime rib, dip it in the pan jus and get a little piece of the bread on my fork. The taste was unbelievable. The meat was perfectly cooked, and the pan jus flavor was outstanding.

prime ribThe side item I selected to accompany the prime rib was a loaded baked potato. You know how at some places when you tell them you want something “loaded,” it really doesn’t come back all that loaded? That was not the case here. This potato was jam-packed with cheese, sour cream and chives, and best of all, it was topped by these well-cooked chunks of smoked bacon.

The restaurant also offers a desert selection that sounded incredible, but I overdid it on the main course and didn’t have any room in the tank for it.

My suggestion? Bring your appetite. This place does it big, and they do it right.

GreenbrierI love the location and feel of this restaurant. It feels like you’ve been let in on some secret place that only the select few know about. I will say that it is probably a good idea to call ahead for a reservation. I would have been fine walking in without one, but it was very early in the evening when I ate. Don’t risk not getting in by not being on the list.

The only thing I don’t like about the Greenbrier Restaurant is that it would be a long walk from the Historic Gatlinburg Inn. But some things in life are worth a drive. So if you’re in Gatlinburg looking for the finest meal in town combined with incredible atmosphere, this is the place!

The restaurant is located at 370 Newman Road in Gatlinburg. Visit them online at greenbrierrestaurant.com.