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Gatlinburg Restaurant Guide

Little House of Pancakes – Gatlinburg Restaurant Review

May 16, 2023 | Places to Eat In Gatlinburg, Restaurants, Reviews

Located right outside the downtown area of Gatlinburg (in the direction of the Arts and Crafts district), lies a gem of a breakfast destination, Little House of Pancakes. From the moment you set foot in this charming spot, you are welcomed into a world of culinary comfort, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the scent of sizzling bacon, and fluffy pancakes are the stars of the show.

Little House of Pancakes

If you’re the highbrow type, this might not be your type of place. There is nothing fancy here. The paneled walls, plain tables and pullout chairs are right out of the 1970’s. For a breakfast joint in Gatlinburg, Tennessee…the decor is perfect! It’s a warm, inviting atmosphere. Just leave the suit and tie at home.

Little House of Pancakes

With a name like “House of Pancakes,” breakfast is king at this place, as you would expect. But they also have a full menu with dinner items like catfish, chicken tenders and fried steak – classic Southern comfort foods. There is also a variety of sandwiches, burgers and salads. Breakfast is served all day.

Little House of Pancakes menu

Pancakes rule here, but for the purpose of this review, I decided to venture beyond their star attraction and sample one of their savory selections – the Panhandler omelet. This omelet is a hearty medley of onions, tomatoes, cheese, ham, bacon, green peppers, and mushrooms.

The presentation of the dish was simple yet appealing. A generous, golden omelet, slightly browned on the outside, sat next to a side of golden diced potatoes and a biscuit. The smell was enticing, a blend of the ingredients coming together to create an aroma that was mouth-wateringly inviting.

Little House of Pancakes

The first bite was a revelation. The eggs were cooked to perfection, fluffy and light, providing the perfect canvas for the riot of flavors contained within. The tomatoes were juicy, the peppers added a subtle crunch, the onions and mushrooms brought an earthy depth, and the cheese, oh, the cheese, was beautifully melted, providing a creamy richness that tied everything together. The ham and bacon brought a smoky, salty dimension to the omelet, adding an additional layer of complexity to the dish. The balance of flavors was exquisite, each ingredient standing out, yet none overpowering the other. In other words, it was really good!

The potatoes were cooked just right and the biscuit was delicious. Man, these people know how to cook some breakfast!

Little House of Pancakes

Service at The House of Pancakes was as comforting as their food. Staff members were attentive and friendly, but didn’t bug me too much. Great service.

In conclusion, The House of Pancakes is a breakfast haven that deserves every bit of praise it receives. Their Panhandler omelet was a delightful symphony of flavors and textures, a testament to their commitment to quality and a clear reflection of their culinary prowess.

The House of Pancakes is located at:

807 E. Parkway
Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Recommended if you’re looking for a low key place to get some great breakfast!

Little House of Pancakes