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Maddi Mae’s Cafe: A Hidden Gem in Gatlinburg’s Village Shopping Center

Dec 19, 2023 | Food, Places to Eat In Gatlinburg, Restaurants, Reviews

Gatlinburg, Tennessee – Nestled in the quaint and bustling Village Shopping Center in downtown Gatlinburg, Maddi Mae’s Cafe is a delightful discovery for both sweet tooth aficionados and sandwich lovers. This charming eatery, an offshoot of its original Athens, Tennessee location, offers a cozy retreat amidst the Smoky Mountains.

Maddi Mae's menu

The Culinary Experience

Maddi Mae’s specializes in a delectable array of soft serve and hand-dipped ice cream, alongside an assortment of sweet treats that promise to tantalize your taste buds. However, it’s not just the desserts that draw the crowds. The cafe’s foray into savory delights, particularly their sandwiches, is equally commendable.

A look at the menu reveals that you have quite a few options at Maddi Mae’s – ice cream, milkshakes, coffee, various treats, hot dogs, nachos, sandwiches and even burgers!

During our visit, we opted for the chicken salad sandwich – a choice we didn’t regret. The sandwich was a masterpiece of flavors and textures, with chicken that’s cooked in-house, ensuring freshness and quality. It’s evident that Maddi Mae’s doesn’t compromise on ingredients; only fresh, top-quality items make it to your plate. The owner told us that the chicken salad is their number one-selling sandwich. We believe it!

Chicken salad sandwich

Meeting the Owner: Joe Domzalski

Adding to the charm of the cafe was our interaction with Joe Domzalski, the co-owner of Maddi Mae’s, who runs the business with his wife, Delanie. Joe’s warmth and hospitality are palpable, making each customer feel welcomed and valued. His passion for the business and dedication to quality service are evident in every aspect of the cafe. The Domzalskis purchased the business from its original owners in 2016 (after also buying their house).

Maddi Mae's owner

The Ambiance and Setting

The Gatlinburg location of Maddi Mae’s Cafe is small and innocuous, tucked away neatly in a back corner of the Village. This cozy size contributes to its charm but also means seating is limited. However, this didn’t detract from our experience; taking our food to go allowed us to enjoy the scenic beauty of Gatlinburg while savoring our delicious meal. One thing that is unique about getting food or drink in the Village is that you can take it outside with you and enjoy it on one of the benches in the shopping center courtyard, where you can also enjoy a beautiful fountain.

Inside Maddi Mae's


Maddi Mae’s Cafe in Gatlinburg is more than just a spot for a quick bite; it’s a quaint experience that combines quality, flavor, and heartwarming hospitality. Whether you’re craving a sweet treat or a hearty sandwich, Maddi Mae’s promises an experience that’s both delightful and memorable. If you find yourself hungry while strolling the shops of Gatlinburg, we highly recommend you stop in to Maddi Mae’s for a bite.

Maddi Mae’s is located inside the Village shopping center at:

634 Parkway Suite #17
Gatlinburg, TN